Thursday, October 10, 2013

From Our Home to Yours

Hello my dears....I hope everything is all well!
I cannot believe its already October. The holidays are just around the corner.

I just want to share with you a gift card I made for a friend of mine, since she requested for me 
to create her a simple holiday day card to give to her co-workers. 

So I thought October release Heartfelt Holiday from WPlus9 will be perfect.
When the first time I saw this set from the release I completely fell in love with the cuteness, I know you will too :)

So here is the card set I have created for my friend Robin.
For the gift box measurements I got it
from my friend Jean Martin at stampin-scrapper her blog spot.

If you have not visited Jean, she's a very talented lady with a huge eye for color on everything
she post on her blog. She's amazing!

I added a latch on mine, so I can close it. I just cut a piece of the cardstock then glue at the back of 
my box.

To close it, just tuck it under the bottom of the front panel to hold it in place.

Here are the card set with a matching embossed seal for the envelope.

Now its ready for me to give it away to my friend.

 Here's another look of the individual card.

I hope you guys enjoyed!
I'll be back soon to show you the other cards I created.

Thank you for visiting me!

Just Click the Image to bring you to the WPlus9 Store.



  1. Seriously awesome, Joni! The cards are so warm and the colours are just so lovely. Design - um, perfect!! Love that you added the latch - such a good idea, and love even more how you packaged them up for your friend. So sweet!

  2. These are gorgeous! And your box with a latch, too cute! Love your design, going to check out those stamps!

  3. I didn't order this set and now having seen your use of it with these cards and the CTS card, I am kicking myself. You have really shown what can be done with it!

  4. Wow, I'm just about speechless here! I didn't order these sets, looks like I'm going to need them!

  5. Yay Joni! I'm so happy you gave it a try! That latch is genius! And your card set is awesome! :)

  6. Total perfection. I can't even think of anything else to say.


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