Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hello Everyone....I just want to share with you some of the photos I got on Pinterest.
Oh Autumn when the leaves change colors and when you feel the crisp in the air...I just love everything about it. It still gets warm here in California but I wish I could be in a place where I can really enjoy this season.

Thank you for stoppin' by :)
Have a Happy Day!


  1. I love Autumn too.. these pictures are so pretty.. we are headed to the mountains next weekend to see the Aspens.. can't wait..

  2. TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY!!! SOOOOOOOOO can't wait!!! Kinda tired of the heat....but in Colorado it is still HOT

  3. Gorgeous pics! I LOVE autumn and winter!
    It's getting a Little bit colder in the mornings, just perfect.
    Bye and thanks for sharing,


    ps. from the Netherlands :-)

  4. Gorgeous finds Joni! I know what you mean by not having a real fall here in Cali...

  5. Lovely!!! Thank you for sharing those fantastic autumn photos! I really love all your cards.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful Fall inspiration!


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